Why an Unexpected, Nasty Surprise Might be Facing Florida Homeowners This Spring

In periods of rising interest rates, the borrower may be able to sell his property for a higher price if the new owner can assume the existing loan. Because this is not advantageous to the lender, a _____ may be included in the promissory note to preclude assumption.

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Southwest Florida Real Estate News: Free Mortgage Information Top Offer (www.topoffer.com), the first real estate broker in the United States to offer sellers a commission-free sale of their. Texas with expansion plans for Florida, New York, and Ohio by.

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Why There Might Be Widespread Florida Mortgage Defaults This Spring. Real Estate: Mortgage Refinance Published: April 15, 2009 There aren’t too many of us in Florida that want to talk about home insurance. Despite the chaos in the market, we are sick of it and would just rather pay the bill and forget about it until next year.

Why an Unexpected, Nasty Surprise Might be Facing Florida Homeowners This Spring – a free article by Michael Letcher. Nasty Surprise Might be Facing Florida Homeowners This Spring by:. AM Best and Demotech lower the ratings of all Florida homeowners insurance companies in May of 2009.

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During the housing boom of 2003 to 2007, many of the "sand" states, such as California, Arizona, Florida and Nevada, experienced home price appreciation at rates well above historic levels. investors learned a painful lesson in the danger of not diversifying when the housing markets in those states crashed during the housing crisis.