Where The Jobs Will (And Won’t) Be In 2013

Here is a brief overview of five industries – where the jobs will be going. The greatest benefits of this kind of automation won't be realized until.

Where the jobs will (and won’t) be created over the next five to ten years Communications, tech savvy, and constant learning will be required for jobs in all fields When planning for the future, it’s better to look at long term labour market trends, rather than currently ‘hot jobs’.

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The following charts show the transition in India’s economic fundamentals: “India is a different story today than it was in 2013,” said Tushar Arora, a senior economist for treasury at HDFC Bank Ltd.,

In 2013, researchers at Oxford University did a study on the future of work. They concluded that almost one in every two jobs have a high risk of being automated by machines. Machine learning is the technology that’s responsible for most of this disruption. It’s the most powerful branch of artificial intelligence.

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The numbers are shocking: In the United States, according to the GED Testing Service, 401,388 people earned a GED in 2012, and about 540,000 in 2013. This year. a credit card (if their tutoring.

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New plants of this sort won’t work unless the government funds training programs to make sure people have the skills to do the job. During the announcement. the plant and hire those skilled workers.