Surging bond yields to pinch home owners, retirees

Surging Bond Yields to pinch home owners, Retirees. Higher yields also hurt the values of bonds, which many individual investors are exposed to through mutual funds, whether through direct investments or via assets in 401(k)s and other retirement accounts. "We have had a significant rise in bond yields over the past few weeks.

Surging bond yields to pinch homeowners and retireesSource: CNBC Real EstatePublished on 2018-02-26

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Bond Yield: A bond yield is the amount of return an investor realizes on a bond. Several types of bond yields exist, including nominal yield which is the interest paid divided by the face value of.

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Surging bond yields to pinch home owners, retirees. Surging bond yields to pinch home owners, retirees. Breaking News. How would you best describe yourself?

Surging Bond Yields to Pinch Home Owners, Retirees. A surge in bond yields that sent stock markets skidding from record highs this month may have ripple effects outside Wall Street, as home ownership costs rise and nest eggs shrink. While investors felt the brunt of a slide of more than 1,000 points in the Dow in recent weeks,

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In the United States, mortgage rates are typically set in relation to 10-year treasury bond yields, which, in turn, are affected by federal funds rates. The Federal Reserve acknowledges the connection between lower interest rates, higher home values, and the increased liquidity the higher home values bring to the overall economy.

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