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leonie masterson teaches braille using Lego’s specially-designed bricks. CBS News And it’s having this fun in the classroom as a child that can lead to success as an adult, say blindness charities.

Innovative Braille LEGO-Style Bricks Help blind children learn To Read While Playing. Each block can be used like a toy by blind and sighted children alike, although for the benefit of the blind children, each block features one Braille letter. So far, the So Paulo based organisation has only manufactured enough bricks for 300 students, but through the Creative Commons, they hope more will be made.

THE LEGO FOUNDATION AND LEGO GROUP TEAM UP WITH BLIND ASSOCIATIONS TO PILOT LEGO BRAILLE BRICKS AND DEVELOP CHILDREN’S BREADTH OF SKILLS. Motivated by stories and ideas from blind people around the world, the LEGO Foundation and LEGO Group will pilot a grassroots innovation that can help blind and visually impaired children learn through play using LEGO bricks.

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Lego hopes their new bricks bridge the gap so anyone can use them straight out of the box. "You’re making learning fun," said correspondent Ian Lee. "I love Braille, and I like finding ways of teaching it," said Masterson. Leonie Masterson teaches Braille using Lego’s specially-designed bricks. CBS News

According to the National Federation of the Blind, there are approximately 60,393 children in the U.S. who are legally blind. Even if your kid doesn’t happen to be one of them, you can still see the appeal of the dorina nowill foundation for the Blind’s latest project: Braille Bricks that work like LEGOs, only they’re for reading too.

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