Huge Ransomware FUBAR at Florida Beach Town – Security Boulevard

A ransomware attack at St. Mark’s Surgical Center in Fort Myers, Fla., has resulted in 33,887 individuals across seven states being offered a year of identity protection and credit monitoring.

Reports have begun to pour in regarding a new ransomware infection currently wreaking havoc in Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain, and several other countries. This highly sophisticated russian strain is known as Petya or Petrwrap, and it has been advancing on a scale comparable to the recent wannacry ransomware infection.

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In mid-May 2017, workers around the world logged into their Windows computers and didn’t see a friendly Windows login. They saw a large red box that claimed all the computer’s information – from vital business documents to any personal files – had been encrypted and couldn’t be recovered unless the user paid a $300 or more ransom.

Another terrifying Ransomware-Rapid Ransomware. Ransomware are all have the same purpose to encrypt data on the victim’s PC and demand ransom to be paid in order to unlock the files. But Rapid Ransomware is slightly different as it stays active on the system even after its first encryption been done.

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Is Ransomware a Notifiable Data Breach Event?. In the event of a ransomware attack or other security incident, the use of encryption may better position the company to invoke an exception to.

By analyzing nearly half a million ransomware incidents, Malwarebytes security researchers have identified the 10 U.S. cities most victimized by ransomware, the most frequently identified ransomware families and the incredible prevalence of malware across the U.S.. Because 82 percent of the U.

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