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In 1991, the MTS Oceanos left the South African port city of East London bound for the city of Durban. Along the way, the cruise ship encountered increasingly rough waters. The growing waves began tossing the vessel from side to side. An explosion below decks saw water start flooding into the boat.

Cruise ships just like all the other ships are vulnerable at sea when it comes to weather disasters and climate changes. There are times when due to strong winds and storms at sea, the ships are forced to land and when they do, they run aground, hitting some huge rocks at the bottom and eventually sinking.

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A seven-story-high, freak wave could smash into the ship. The ship was en route from New York to the Bahamas when the freak wave broke windows, sent furniture flying, flooded 62 cabins and injured four passengers. Passengers got a refund of half the trip’s cost and a voucher for half the price of a future cruise.

You might rethink taking a journey on the open ocean when you hear about these terrible cruise ship disasters.

For today’s video we decided to do the top five cruise ship disasters. Let us know in the comments below some of your ideas for future top five videos! Several segments are licensed under Creative.

It’s been a rough year for cruise ship passengers. Here’s a list of disasters that have occurred.. Cruise Ship Disasters of 2013. By Sean Breslin. This story does not necessarily represent.

Carnival Triumph. Carnival Triumph is the second of the five member Destiny-class of cruise ships. As she and her three younger sisters are each a modified version of the lead ship in the class, she is sometimes referred to as the first of the Triumph -class of cruise ships. Along with her sisters Carnival Sunshine and Carnival Victory,

Worst cruise ship disasters in recent history. Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas was on a 10-day cruise in January when a fast-moving bug left nearly 700 passengers and crew stricken with vomiting and diarrhea. The CDC reports that this is the highest number of sick people reported on any cruise ship in two decades.

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